Julia Nunes: YouTube Star & Musical Genius

Julia's serious about her new EP, "I Think You Know."

Julia Nunes has a famous face. You might not know her name but I can almost guarantee that at some point in your life, you’ve come across her face. Most will recognize her from her face, and some will recognize her from her YouTube account name, but it’s her hope that you’ll soon recognize her from her real name.

You see, Nunes is a YouTube goddess, an extreme accomplishment in today’s star hungry world. Except for Nunes, fame was never something that she meant to find. When Nunes started her YouTube account, “Jaaaaaaa” (that’s seven “a”s to those of you who are counting), it was a way for her to communicate with her friends after going away to college. She posted original songs and covers of songs by splicing video and audio, combining tracks to make one overall video.

Nunes’ videos quickly became a huge hit and she now has over 31 million views on YouTube. She’s covered everything from oldies to 3OH!3 and has toured with notable acts such as Ben Folds.
This New Year, Nunes launches once again into a new branch of music. With two underappreciated albums already under her belt, the Julia Nunes camp has come back swinging with a new EP titled  I Think You Know.
For me, Nunes’ original works were never something that I particularly enjoyed. It was good music but I never found myself with the urge to put it on. Compared to her unique video covers, her original pieces didn’t have the same appeal.

However, after receiving a promotional copy of this EP, I was immediately blown away with the collection of songs. They represent themselves as clever and lighthearted, while remaining musically well developed. Nunes’ incorporation and multi-instrumental approach allows for a different unique feeling to each song. Some songs seem to be driven by a ukulele while others focus more on the guitar or percussion. With a steady mix of both strong original works and eye catching YouTube covers, it comes as a surprise that Nunes has no set direction for what she intends to do on a musical level. Overalhe has an absolutely incredible EP that deserves more exposure .

For now, Nunes tells me that she’s shocked by what has happened to her life. She never thought of taking her music outside of YouTube and the sheer fact that she was performing at a near filled to capacity venue in Los Angeles was amazing. Nunes has one more year left of school before she obtains her degree in music. Until that time we can only hope that these cold months keep her inside her dorm in upstate New York, working on more original songs and putting together new YouTube covers.


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