Kickstart Spring ’16


Wow, time really does fly when you are having fun. Spring semester is finally here and campus is swarming with students, many of whom have returned from studying abroad. Honestly, I forgot how chaotic second semester is, especially the breaks in-between classes with swarms of people walking to the next building. The first day back I was completely startled by just how many people were on campus.

Pretty dramatic of me, yes. However, as I adjusted to the influx of individuals, I reminisced about my first spring semester of college and how exciting it was. New classes meant a chance to meet new people, new instructors meant new information to learn, and new experiences meant more sentimental college memories.

That being said, I am really looking forward to this semester. Not only will it be fun socially, but it will be a semester filled with more fond memories and life-learning experiences. For some reason I have this immense feeling of optimism that this will be the semester for individual growth.

Every moment in life adds to who we are becoming. But maybe this is the semester to truly thrive, not just survive.

Although I have not yet studied abroad, I can imagine how the adjustment back to the states might be hard, both academically and culturally, for some students. For my fellow travelers, keep an open-mind. Maybe San Diego can’t provide you with some insane cultural experiences that those other countries did, but don’t close it off to be “just another semester” in SD.

Stay positive. Remember all of the life lessons you learned abroad and share those experiences. Enlighten those of us who have not had the opportunity to study abroad yet. Share those moments of heartbreak, pure happiness, humility, and unbelievable excitement.

For my fellow Toreros who are on semester two of USD life this year, stay classy. Keep working hard in school, continue to make new friendships, and don’t be afraid to go outside of your comfort zone and try new things. Explore outside our little USD bubble and engage with those living in communities beyond our own. Go on a multitude of adventures that will enable you to discover something about yourself you have not yet found.

For everyone, embrace every moment and person that you encounter this spring semester. Don’t just make it another one in the book of college memories. Make it the best damn chapter you have experienced thus far.

Survive? Sure. Thrive? Yes. Be fully alive? Most definitely.