Let’s level the playing field


Last week I wrote an article expressing student’s gratitude towards the career exposition that was hosted by the University of San Diego’s Career Development Center. However, I suspect that my interviews, research, and conclusions may have been biased and thus flawed in ways that need fixing.

Yes, I believe the career expo is a useful tool for all students who choose to adopt it as one. But there are students who opted out of participating because the scope of employers and jobs available at the career expo were limited, heavily in favor of business majors, and did not accurately represent the entire USD community.

This is a narrow-minded way of helping the entire USD community. If business has taught me anything, it is that if there is a problem that needs fixing, we must search for the root cause. Putting a small bandage on a bigger problem won’t get us anywhere.

With this in mind, I’d like to clarify last week’s career expo article by discussing a very valid point that many of my colleagues brought up to me.

Business is the most impacted major at USD. Intuitively, it makes sense that USD should focus on business majors because in many ways it yields a higher return on investment for the university’s  business students.

The businesses, jobs, and industries at the events should truly favor and represent the entire USD community and the diverse areas of study, not just a select few. In my opinion, it’s the right thing do.

The point of going to college is not to get just any job; a college degree proves to employers that you have acquired a certain level of competency in a particular field or fields. You should then exercise that discipline, and I believe you’d be foolish not to.

Although I am currently a marketing major, I stand with my peers and I encourage the entire USD community to also support diversity. This will ensure we have a cohesive, and diverse group of young professionals that the world needs and companies want.