Live from Rock Island: Interview with Sean Moeller of Daytrotter


If you’ve spent more than thirty seconds on the Daytrotter website, you can tell the gang behind the project is incredibly passionate about their work. The Daytrotter team–led by Sean Moeller–is dedicated to producing completely live, on-the-spot recordings of the bands dropping into their aptly named “Horseshack” studio. The analog studio is laden with an eclectic assortment of vintage, classic and well-loved equipment that caters to the musician-friendly vision behind DayTrotter. The Rock Island, Illinois studio has played host to artists ranging from blossoming new acts to some of the most well known names in music. Sean took time out of his schedule to talk with us about the project’s beginnings, seeing his passion for music through, and his encouraging perspective on the future of the music.
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DayTrotter Inteview