Local spotlight: Pacific Beach

Miller’s Field offers upbeat environment for sports fans


If you are an avid sports fan looking to join in on the excitement of watching the games with other fans in San Diego, Miller’s Field in Pacific Beach is just the place for you. Situated at the corner of Mission Boulevard and Hornblend Street in Pacific Beach, this sports bar is full of energetic fans cheering on their favorite teams, eating burgers, fries and fantastic tater tots and drinking from Mason jars while watching the games. The environment is laid back, friendly and lively, and it even attracts a nice beach breeze when it starts to cool down outside later in the evening. With a variety of “game food,” those comfort meals often associated with watching sports, this bar not only provides great entertainment, but also a great meal.

You may feel guilty consuming a large, high fat meal such as the cheeseburgers, fries, pizzas and nachos that are served here. However, many of the dishes are big enough to share, so you will only feel half as guilty for eating that enormous cheeseburger and tater tots. Not only will your stomach thank you, but your wallet will too. The food and drinks are relatively inexpensive, making for a shameless night out drinking and eating with friends or family.

While this bar sometimes receives a negative connotation for those who do not just want to go out and drink a lot with seemingly rowdy sports fans, it actually provides any age group and any personality type with a fun night out.

If you visit the local spot, you can see visiting families, college students and businesspeople alike, all coming together for the love of sports. Since it draws such a large crowd, it will sometimes become overly crowded, especially on weekend nights. So, make sure to get there early and reserve a table so you do not miss the game you came to watch.

While the upbeat environment surrounded by sports fans is certainly what draws people to Miller’s in the first place, it is the positive attitudes and welcoming personalities that will keep guests coming back.The servers, bouncers and bartenders are friendly, personable and attentive, making the guests feel valued throughout their experience at Miller’s. The service, although a bit slower than what one might be used to, exceeds expectations for a busy sports bar like this.

Even if you are not a huge fan of sports, the energy of so many people coming together in one place still makes for a fun and entertaining experience. The bar draws a lively, friendly crowd and most people are more than willing to mingle and talk with each other. This bar and restaurant demonstrates a new side of San Diego and is definitely worth trying out, if not for the sports, than for the food and entertainment.