Long-distance friendship


There comes a time in everyone’s life when they meet that special someone. This special someone could come along at any point in one’s life, but when you know, you know. Some call it fate, but one thing everyone can agree on is this person is their best friend.
Throughout your life you may go through multiple best friends, but when you meet your person, there is no getting rid of them. This is the person you can call at any time of the day to rant about the girl wearing the same shirt as you. The two of you share a special bond that no one else understands A best friend is the sister or brother you never asked for.
Lucky for me, I met my best friend the day she was born. It was not until high school that I realized I had met my person. My sister Kristen is my best friend and my person. Having your best friend down the street or in the room next to you, seems to make life a lot easier. She is the Christina to my Meredith But now that we are both in college, it is hard to plan a weekend we can both go home to see each other. Growing up we would not go more than 12 hours without seeing each other, now we’re living in different states. Needless to say, long-distance friendship sucks.
It is inevitable that at some point in your life you and your best friend will be temporaily seperated, but nothing can prepare you for it. The struggles of long-distance friendship go hand-in-hand with the struggles of long-distance relationships. Both are extremly unfortunate and frustrating situations that leave you in a constant post-visit depression after returning back to your everday life after seeing them.
For anyone who is involved in a long-distance friendship, you understand the small heartache that comes when they post pictures with their new friends, sorority ‘sisters’ or college BFFM (best friend for the moment). There is nothing easy about long-distance friendships, or relationships. But there is an everlasting feeling of the eternal thankfullness you have because they were put into your life.
When you do get to turn your long-distance friendship into a weekend visit, the time always seems to go by too fast but is full of excitement. Then it’s back to trying to fill in the gap with text messages and phone calls.
So for all of you who are lucky enough to have your best friend a short distance away, don’t take it for granted. As for my own long-distance friendship, I’ll keep taking advantage of technology and counting down the days until we are reunited.