“Lykke Li” Concert at Coachella by Liz Crosby


It was Sunday afternoon at Coachella, and my body was finally letting my nervous system know just how much abuse it had received over the course of the weekend.  My friend and I were looking for a chill concert to go to so as to relax before the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.  Looking at the fifth little pamphlet I had gone through (none of them lasted very long in my pocket) we saw her name.  My friend had never heard of her before, but I insisted that we go.

Lykke Li came on stage and transported us to her realm of understanding concerning the universe.  It was absolutely phenomenal.  The passion that she had for her music literally seemed to ooze from every pore of her being (yeah, it’s not a big deal, but I was chillin front row center, on the fence).  It was a unique experience amidst Girl Talk, The Presets, N.A.S.A., People Under the Stairs, you get my drift.

She genuinely is a master of her craft.  Her lyrics are the sort that you feel like you could have written because you can empathize with them so much.  They seep into your body via osmosis and fill you with love for her music.  “Little Bit” and “Dance, Dance, Dance” were classic, but “Complain Department” was played with a completely new vibe than on her album.  She introduced it by giving a little homage to her home country, “Are you all ready for some Swedish techno!”  She laid all her emotions out on the table for all to see.  She was a bit like Feist, but instead of singing in little parables, Lykke Li seemed to take her human emotion to a deeper level. Later on that day, she dueted with Peter Bjorn for the song “Young Folks.”  It was absolutely epic to see her again on the Coachella Stage. I’d see her again in a heart beat.  If you haven’t given her a listen yet, I strongly recommend looking her up pronto.