Maybe This Time: Interview with Sherwood

Photo By Matt Wignall

Photo By Matt Wignall

A recent look back at my iTunes and CD rotation for USD Radio over the passed month led me to realize that Sherwood has quickly become a staple in my library. Be it because of their recently released album or their show two week ago opening for Hellogoodbye and Hanson, I feel it’s fair to say that Sherwood has become one of my new favorite artists. Overall, October was a big month for the band and they’re starting to see the success of their hard work.

After their show two weeks ago, I spent some time talking to Nate Henry, the bassist and lead singer for the group. He explained to me that the band is in awe of the success and praise they’ve received from QU, their newest recent. This album, released on October 13th debuted within the top 100 on the Billboard charts and peaked at #9 in the Independent Albums. In an interview with Joe Greenetz, the drummer of the group, he explained to me how rewarding it is to see that their hard work has paid off. Joe told me that for this release the group “worked longer and harder, than any other album before.” He then said that the group spent seven months living in an apartment together, compiling over 90 songs to try out for the album. Come time to record in the studio, these songs were cut down to a collection of 12, which made the final album. As a listener of the album, one can notice the variety in the lyrics and musical format achieved by the band. At times, QU has gospel style vocals and at others, an occasional grittiness can be heard in Nate’s voice. Jumping from track to track, one flips from songs with a 1960’s surf rock feel to songs laced with more modern power-pop guitar work. Overall, the aural experience is summed up as uniquely Sherwood.

The band gives a lot of credit for the final sound of the album to the producer Brad Wood, who is famous with his work with bands such as Sunny Day Real Estate and Smashing Pumpkins as well as many more recent albums. Brad’s work with the band is praised by members such as Joe for working to make the album “sonically impressive yet very organic sounding.” As a listener, one will notice a certain natural and very raw quality to the overall album.

With the band’s tour wrapping up this week, I asked Joe what upcoming plans the band has. After the guitarist, Dan gets married at the end of this month, the band plans to head back along the West Coast to do radio promotions for QU. Once that’s done, the band will likely do a full tour again and Joe tells me they’re even trying to head over to Japan.

With so much critical praise for the new album, I’m sure that I blend in as just another person raving about how great QU is. However, I can’t encourage you enough to head out there and give the band a listen. Their new album is truly a unique blend of mellow moments with a few unquestionably rock elements brought in a long the way. Be sure to check out the link below for the full audio interview with Joe from Sherwood and look out for an in studio performance within the next year.

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