Executive Staff

carringtonStation Manager: Carrington Novo


Carrington Novo is a Senior from San Diego, CA. She is a Communications Major and Theatre Minor. Carrington joined USDtv her Freshman year. Over the past three years, she has served as a Producer, Anchor, Writer, and Film Editor for Rumor Has It.


hannahNews – Executive Producer: Hannah Talpash


Hannah Talpash is a Communications Major with a minor in International Relations from Temecula, California.  She has been with USDtv since freshman year and is now the Executive Producer for USDtv and the producer for USDtv News.



laurenNews – Main Editor: Lauren Lofe








bethanyThe Sideline – Producer: Bethany Mok

Bethany Mok is a senior majoring in Communication Studies, double minoring in Theology and Religious Studies and Leadership Studies. She came to USD from Phoenix, Arizona and is passionate about the sports journalism and broadcasting. Her goal is to empower other women to pursue their passion, even if it means entering into a career field that is dominated by men. Bethany’s favorite sport is baseball, and she has been a lifelong Diamondbacks fan.


4Rumor Has It – Producer/Director: 

Joeyy Dato

Joeyy Dato is a sophomore majoring in Communication Studies, focusing on Public Relations. She came to USD from Frisco, Texas and is passionate about the entertainment industry.  Joeyy started out as a writer/anchor for Rumor Has It, but is now the RHI Director/Producer.





Rumor Has It – Head Editor: Cameron Amano

Cameron Amano is new to the USDtv’s Rumor Has It team this year. She is a senior from Los Angeles, California majoring in Communication Studies with an emphasis on film.  She has joined us as Rumor Has It’s Head Editor.






Rumor Has It – Head Anchor: Monica Cooper

Monica Cooper is a sophomore from the San Diego area majoring in Communications Studies with a minor in Environmental Studies.  Last year, Monica was a writer and anchor for Rumor Has It, and this year she has become part of the executive team as the Head Anchor of the show.



1Rumor Has It – Production Room Manager: Dezell Lathon


Dezell Lathon is a sophomore from Jackson, Mississippi. He is a Communication Studies major with an emphasis on film and a minor in Theatre.  As a freshman last year, Dezell was an anchor and writer for Rumor Has It, but now he is also part of the executive team as Production                                                                   Room Manager for all USDtv.


Rumor Has It Team:

Yasi Aghania: Arts and Culture

Communications Studies Major, Psychology Minor


San Diego, California

Daisy Aguayo: Anchor

Communication Studies Major


San Diego, California

Bailee Dawson: Production Assistant

Marketing Major


Phoenix, Arizona

Charlie Kennedy: Production Assistant

Marketing Major


Boulder, Colorado

Maddie Neubert: Editor Assistant

Communication Studies Major, Marketing Minor


Woodinville, Washington

Kristen Ochoa: Anchor

Communication Studies Major, Dance Minor


Carlsbad, California

Josephine Tsai: Production Assistant

Marketing and Sociology Major


Freemont, California

Kailong Zhu

Business Administration Major



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