Microfinance Club’s Two Dollar A Day Challenge


Join the Microfinancing Club for the Two Dollar a Day Challenge


What: The Two Dollar a Day Challenge
Who: Everyone’s invited, the Microfinance Club is hosting
 When: March 22nd at 6:30pm
Where: Maher 222

The two dollar a day challenge is a way to experience the way 2 billion people in the world do everyday.  By gaining insight and connection on an experiential level it gives every student the chance to see how the other half lives. Challenge week strives to bridge the gap and provide an accessible, effective tool for poverty awareness.  College students will live on two dollars a day and abide by other rules designed to stimulate poverty.  By doing this we will raise awareness at USD, and through individual sponsorship of the event we will raise money for our microfinance partner.
The Kickoff meeting will be in Maher 222 at 6:45 on March 22nd.  Please sign up and register either in front of the UC on thursday deadhours (microfinance booth) or by arriving at the kickoff meeting.  There is a $15 registration fee for this event ($2 a day *3 =6 and then a 9 dollar donation to La Maurita). 

Contact Ken Downey at downeyk-10@sandiego.edu for additional information