“Moon Sweet Moon” by Via Tania

Via Tania

Prepare yourself to listen to music that was inspired by “magic” and sounds like “mountains in love” in what the unique style of Via Tania describes in her new album Moon Sweet Moon. Via Tania (Tania Bower) has a rare style all her own with a voice that eerily whispers songs in your ears. If I were to categorize the unique Via Tania, I would say her music is an uncommon combination of indie and folk sounds with a few electric twists. The atmosphere she creates with her sounds are also very similar to that of the unforgettable Bjork and her quirks.

Off of the new Moon Sweet Moon album, each song is a standout. My favorite song off the album is the first track titled “The Beginning” which has a happier tune that compliments Via Tania’s airy voice along with the piano. This style abruptly switches in songs such as “Wonderstranger” and “Light Years”. Instead of her  dreamy melodies that float along throughout her music such as “Fields” and “Our Wild Flight” that can take us her audience to different worlds, these other songs create a very different feeling. In “Wonderstranger” the simple sounds of a clock give off an eerie feeling of haunted innocence whereas in “Light Years” the music is comprised of raw sounds versus actual instruments.

With this only being Via Tania’s second album, I feel that her fresh and unrivaled sound will be new songs played in movie soundtracks and even on the radio. Via Tania’s creations are a reviving style of music!