Motorcyclist hit by car on Torero Way


Patrol cars, firefighters and an ambulance blocked traffic on Torero Way as officers investigated the accident.

Patrol cars, firefighters and an ambulance blocked traffic on Torero Way as officers investigated the accident.

On Sept. 29 at approximately 7 p.m., a motorcyclist was hit by a car at the intersection of Alcala Park Way and Torero Way. Neither the motorcyclist nor the driver of the car appeared to be critically injured.

According to Lt. Henry Marquez of the Department of Public Safety the car was traveling southbound on Alcala Park Way, and had come to a complete stop before entering through the traffic circle. The motorcycle had also come to a complete stop at the Main Kiosk, and proceeded to make a left turn on Torero Way. As the motorcycle was making the left turn, the car struck the motorcycle on the right side.

Students sitting outside the Student Life Pavilion, SLP, looked on with worried stares as an ambulance, fire engines and public safety officials gathered at the scene.

Sophomore Michael Kaminski did not see the actual collision from his table outside the SLP, but quickly gathered what had occurred.

“I think someone was just hit by a car,” Kaminski said. “I’m pretty sure they are okay, but they are slowing down a lot of traffic here. [There are] lots of big trucks and everything is in the way.”

A USD traffic officer directed cars around the intersection as Department of Public Safety officials investigated the accident.

Two additional motorcycles were parked on the side of Torero Way as their drivers spoke to Public Safety officials. One of the motorcyclists, a third year University of San Diego law student Ernie Chen, said the motorcyclist involved in the accident is his roommate. Chen said he had driven past his roommate when the accident occurred.

“I was right here,” Chen said. “We didn’t even know we passed each other. I only saw the end result. I know a car hit him but I didn’t see it happen.”

Chen believed that his roommate was not seriously injured.

“It looks like he is okay,” Chen said. “He is a tough guy.”

San Diego Fire Department Captain Tim Adkins of Engine 23 said the motorcyclist involved in the accident declined medical attention.

“I think he’s going to fine,” Adkins said. “He didn’t want to go [to the hospital] and that is his right not to go. The injuries didn’t look too bad, but that’s up to him to make that decision.”

Before the captain and his fellow firefighters packed their truck and left the scene, Adkins offered his own succinct description of the event.

“A guy got in a motorcycle accident,” Adkins said. “Motorcycle versus car. The motorcyclist was laying down when we got here, so I’d say the car won.”