New Artist: Todo Mundo

Todo Mundo's newest album, Organic Fire


By Marisa Marlowe

“The reason we exist is because music doesn’t have any border and it can bring a lot of people together; we want to break borders between people.  It does not matter what you have, what you think, where you are from, we are all the same.  We can be all together, we are one, one world, we are just one,” said Santiago Orozco of Todo Mundo.  Todo Mundo,  an up and coming band with Latin roots in Argentina, has taken on new members in a new location and are quickly becoming big in the local music scene.  The name means “everyone,” which is exactly what the band is about: a world of people connecting through the undeniable beauty of music.

The band has existed in San Diego for about a year and a half starting with the humble origins of playing on the street, they have transformed into what is now known as Todo Mundo.  This band incorporates Latin rhythms and Spanish lyrics into melodic reverberations that get everyone moving.  Their album Organic Fire won the best world music album in the San Diego music awards and their next album is currently in the making but not to be expected for about another six months.

We all go to concerts to have a good time and enjoy ourselves and forget our troubles;  this euphoric atmosphere is made all the more possible when the individuals making the music truly feel every note and share a part of their soul with the audience, creating one of the most beautiful and purest forms of energy.  Todo mundo has a unifying rhythmic element not only between band members but between everyone at the show, there is no way you can listen to them and not begin to smile  Todo Mundo makes to music because they love to play music and this pure quality is heard in every beat that they create.

Check them out at and download the free song. Keep an eye out for Todo Mundo’s shows here in San Diego within the next few weeks, too, including the Ocean Beach Farmers’ Market!