Twilight “New Moon” Soundtrack


It has been a year since Twilight-mania began.  Books, a movie, and a decent soundtrack led to a pop-culture epidemic that has lasted the whole year.  This year the movie corresponding with the second book in the Twilight Saga, New Moon, written by Stephanie Meyer, will be released November 20.  To begin the madness, the soundtrack was released on October 16, earlier than planned due to popular demand by “Twi-hards”.

As a pop-culture rat, and a girl, I of course love both the books and the first movie.  I file this obsession under “guilty pleasure” and convince myself I have fallen victim to herd mentality to reduce my cognitive dissonance.  The soundtrack for Twilight was good, including artists like Muse, Black Ghosts, Blue Foundation, and (Edward) Rob Pattinson.  So I was expecting an equally as decent soundtrack for New Moon.

When I looked at the list of artists I was absolutely shocked.  In one year the musical style for the Twilight Saga moved from pop-punk-almost indie, to full blown indie-fabulous.  With enchanting tracks by Bon Iver and St. Vincent, Grizzly Bear, Editors, and Lykke Li, accompanied by more rockin’ tracks by Band of Skulls, Hurricane Bells, and (of course) Muse, the soundtrack provides the perfectly balanced musical support for the tumultuous storyline.

Even the Killers, Death Cab for Cutie, and Thom York (who are by no means favorite artists of mine) provided catchy tracks.  The soundtrack also includes Sea Wolf, whose song “The Violet Hour” has been on repeat on my ipod for about an hour now, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, and Anya Marina.

Whatever your opinion of Twilight-mania, I strongly encourage you to download this soundtrack.  If you are embarrassed of what people will think when they browse through your library and see “Twilight: New Moon”, simply remove the album title from the track info (easy solution!).  You will be pleased when you hear this soundtrack, and it may even make you want to see the movie.

The New Moon soundtrack is available now, and a bonus version is available on iTunes.

Thom Yorke – Hearing Damage

03 Thom Yorke-Hearing Damage

Bon Iver and St. Vincent – Roslyn

08 Bon Iver And St. Vincent-Roslyn

Sea Wolf – The Violet Hour

11 Sea Wolf-The Violet Hour

Band of Skulls – Friends

02 Band Of Skulls-Friends

throw you’re opinions out and give it a chance friends.  don’t hate, appreciate.