News in a nutshell

GOP Debate:

The third GOP debate took place last week in Boulder, Colorado. Donald Trump, Carly Fiorina, Ben Carson, and Jeb Bush were just a few of the presidential candidates who took the stage. The debate covered numerous topics ranging from fantasy football to tax reform. Since the debate, CNBC moderators have been criticized for being biased.

Hurricane Patricia:

Reports of the most disastrous hurricane ever died down after the threat of imminent danger ceased. The hurricane’s classification was reduced to a category five, but still poses danger to the Mexican coast.

Transgender rights:

A transgender student was barred from the girls locker room this week, at a school in Illinois. The school’s actions violated the latest legislation that stated that transgender people must be treated equally. Since the conflict the school has been given 30 days to determine their course of action. It they do not reach a decision the school could face punishment, which would result in defunding of their Title IX funds.

Black Lives Matter:

A Middletown, Connecticut college newspaper came under fire after a controversial article. The Wesleyan University paper, The Argus, lost more than half of their funding after a controversial opinion editorial regarding the Black Lives Matter movement. Bryan Stascavage, the author of the article, did not support the movement. He believes that the movement unfairly criticizes the police force.

Instagram star confession:

When Australian Instagram star, Essena O’Neill, shut down her social media accounts and changed their names to “Social Media is not Real Life” she blew up social media. O’Neill had thousands of followers on her social media sites, and was paid for wearing certain clothes and supporting certain trends. O’Neill posted a video Nov. 2, where she explained how she believes her life to be meaningless as she relies on how many likes she gets to measure her happiness.

Chipotle E.coli outbreak:

Chipotle shut down 43 stores this week as E.coli was found in some of their Oregon and Washington locations. Contaminated produce is what officials are currently saying is the culprit. The fecal oral disease has sickened 37 people so far.

Royals win world series:

The Kansas City Royals defeated the New York Mets in the World Series. The Royals led the series four to one. This past Sunday, in Flushing New York, the Royals beat the Mets 7-2.