On-campus employment at USD

 Sarah Brewington | News Editor | @sgbrew42

Many college students look for jobs to help buffer the burden of some of their college expenses.

Some students search for on-campus employment. For students attending the University of San Diego (USD), this can turn into a heavy competition due to the number of students in work study programs and countless others looking for casual employment. This can turnsfinding a job into a challenge.

Some students look for jobs at the Student Life Pavilion (SLP), the various cafes around campus like Bert’s and Aromas, and with parking services.

On-campus jobs might be  more appealing than off-campus opportunities due to the proximity to class, the opportunity that students get to appease the financial aid they receive, and the ability to add a job to their resumes while keeping their eyes focused on academics.

Sophomore Maddison Nelson worked at Bert’s Bistro as a barista last year and finds that having an on-campus job has been a big benefit for her.

“The best part about working on campus is that it’s close, so I don’t have to worry about transportation,” Nelson said. “It also works with my class schedule.”

Nelson finds that, past money and convenience, she enjoys working on campus for personal reasons as well.

“It’s especially better when classmates and friends happen to show up in line,” Nelson said.

Although Nelson is unsure if she will always work on campus during her time at USD, she knows that, for now, the job suits her and makes her more responsible.

“I think having a job forces me to be more efficient with my time, so I don’t overstrain myself with too many late nights,” Nelson said.

Working at an on campus café is not the only option for campus employment. Along with more office suited jobs, there are opportunities to become involved in telefunding, as well as being a resident assistant (RA).

Jenna Morris is a junior at USD the as an RA for the academic year of 2014 to 2015, and who will also serve as an RA this year. Morris believes that the work on campus as an RA is invaluable.

“The experience is totally worth it,” Morris said, “I love my staff, both staffs. I have a couple of families that I can trust and I feel like I belong here.”

Morris agrees with Nelson that working on campus is efficient, as well as a good way to meet new people.

“I would definitely work on campus for the convenience and the co-workers you meet and go to school with,” Morris said.

In order to get some skin in the game, students will often apply quickly for on campus jobs to secure the positions  that they want for the semester and academic school year.

Other students who do not seek on campus jobs may look for promising prospects elsewhere.

Though it may be more accessible and convenient to have an on campus job, off campus employment a viable option.

On-campus and off-campus employment helps students to save money and to alleviate some of the financial stress that can become a burden as a college student.