On the road

By Jackson Somes

It is that time of the year again. Students migrate from around the country as well as the globe in preparation for the fall semester. Whether traveling from down the street or from the other side of the world, traveling to school can fill anyone with anticipation and anxiety. Although travel times may seem to slowly drag on, each moment of apprehension and excitement should be savored because it will soon be over.

USD undergraduates represent over 70 countries as well as every region of the country. Every one of these students has to embark upon their own journey. Leaving home means leaving behind friends and family and putting yourself into the hands of the unknown.

My own journey was a cross country adventure bringing me back to USD. With upstate New York as my launching point, a black Saab station wagon as my valiant stallion and my old man as a copilot, I had a week to trek across America.

From the rolling hills of western Pennsylvania to the stone arches of Moab, Utah, the sights were endless. Wherever the asphalt led, a unique experience was just down the road. On my cross country odyssey the wondrous vastness of the Grand Canyon, the unyielding green and gold cornfields of Nebraska, the barren California deserts and the world’s largest truck stop in Iowa were all passing me by. The road had much to offer and countless new destinations to reach.

It was the final destination I was concerned with though, San Diego. Each morning I would rise and look forward to the moment I could rest my head on the next pillow miles down the road. The end of each day was the reminder that I was one day closer to reaching USD. Buzzing through the country, I found I had to stop and remind myself that I should be appreciating the journey and not look too much to the destination.

My thoughts were weeks in advance. I was filled with anticipation and aspirations for the upcoming semester. An incredible journey was flying right past me because my focus was on where I would arrive, not how I got there. The expedition quickly reached an end.

The journey continues though.

The journey doesn’t end with the arrival nor does the destination have to be concrete. The joy of the journey is that it is flowing and unclear.
Arriving at USD and the start of a new semester does not have to be solely the end of a journey, and by no means should it be. Working, studying, laughing and at times struggling through a semester is a journey itself, but San Diego has much to supplement this adventure.

A mundane day can easily turn memorable. Catch a Padres or Chargers game if you’re into sports, spend some time at the beach to unwind, or lose yourself in a hike or nature walk.

Even USD alone has much to offer to enhance your personal journey. A seemingly uncountable number of student organizations are offered here on campus. These organizations as well as the club and intramural sports offer a chance for any interest to be pursued right here. Not to mention that if major league sports are not your personal cup of tea, then your school has many competitive collegiate teams. Get out and go cheer for the home team.

Whatever you choose to do now that you’ve reached the destination, remember to keep the journey alive. It’s gonna be a long bumpy road, so buckle up and enjoy the ride.