Power: Boys Noize Album Review by Ariel Coto

Power 03 Starterboys-noize-power

There is a world of electronic music out there. Some of it falls under techno, some of it trance, some of it house. With as many types of electronic music that exist, there are at least a few DJs in each genre that know exactly what they’re doing. That being said, I can honestly say that I can’t figure out what genre Boys Noize falls under, but the man knows exactly what he’s doing. I had the pleasure of listening to his new album Power, and I must say that it is unlike anything I’ve heard. While the DJ holds true to his unique, bit-crushing style and distorted beats, he also manages to evolve his sound into something new. More abstract than his last album Oi Oi Oi, Power offers a new sound that combines hard, distorted beats with the softer sounds akin to trance and house as heard in tracks like “Gax” and “Heart Attack”. But if softer sounds ain’t your thing, Power is still full hard, pounding, intense beats that will melt your brain if you play them loud enough.

Bottom line, Power is definitely an album for the techno lover. These sick beats, crazy samples, and bit-crushing sounds should be more than enough to satisfy your electronic needs.