Pretty Lights: First West Coast Tour


This past Wednesday Pretty Lights lit up the venue on Sunset Blvd.  It was the second stop on their first tour through the West Coast.  Key Club predicted that they wouldn’t have to open the balcony for the duo because they wouldn’t draw a great enough crowd.

The balcony was open all night, and it was packed.  To say the least, Derek and Cory were able to play beats that kept the club bumping all night.  They threw in crowd favorites like “Finally Moving” and “Aimin At Your Head.”  When “Hot Like Sauce” finally emerged from the speakers the crowd went crazy.

As the set concluded the club was filled with rhythmic shouts for an encore.  Naturally, they came back out for the most epic of encores.  For one solid night, The Key Club of LA was filled with the most electrifying beats fresh from Colorado for almost three full hours.  And of course the light show most certainly did not disappoint.  From the usual depiction of the Pretty Lights logo at the start the light show took on its own precedence in the way that it complimented the beats with visual enticement.  derek1

When the show finally and unfortunately did end, Pretty Lights said their warm good byes to LA and made their departure for San Francisco.  Hopefully they will make their way back out to Southern California, or even California for that matter.  The overall experience that they bestowed upon that crowd is most definitely not one that they all will soon forget.

Aimin At Your Head

Pretty Lights – Aimin At Your Head

Finally Moving

Pretty Lights – Finally Moving