Pumpkin spice and everything nice


The Pumpkin Spice Latte is finally back and all Starbucks lovers know what this means. Fall is here, September is over and October has just begun. Our nights are getting colder and our mornings take a bit longer to warm up.

While it seems like in everywhere but Southern California people are pulling out their boots and sweaters, we San Diegans are enjoying the sunny and 75-degree weather and ocean breeze.

The department stores sure remind us that it’s supposed to be fall with the shift from shorts to jeans, and of course with their festive Halloween decorations and costumes.

Halloween is just around the corner. This trendy holiday is what seems to get us San Diego college folk through our midterms and the lack of fall leaves on the ground.

The beach weather seems to affect our inspiration to carve pumpkins and decorate our houses with ghosts and spider webs, but come Oct. 31, the San Diego weather won’t interfere with our night.

As a Starbucks employee and student at USD, Sydney Shields shared her opinion on the infamous Pumpkin Spice Latte.

“The return of the Pumpkin Spice Latte basically means fall is here,” Shields said. “Mostly because everybody is always talking about it. Our store decorates for fall as soon as the drink comes out too.”

Personally, I love fall; the season comes with so many festive activities. Pumpkin patch adventures and haunted houses bring the season to life. Fall is the preview of a cozy winter filled with mistletoe.

The first holiday of fall never seems to come soon enough. We spend all month planning and decorating and picking out costumes for one special night, Halloween.

But what is it about Halloween that we all tend to look forward to? Since before most of us could walk we were put into Halloween costumes and taken trick-or-treating by our parents. For a day of the celebration of the dead, this night sure felt like heaven on Earth with all the free candy.

As we’ve grown up and ventured off to college, we have traded our night of candy hunting for a weekend long celebration. But just because we no longer go door to door in costumes saying trick-or-treat, does not mean we have lost the spirit of the holiday.

We refuse to let go of the costumes and dressing up, pretending to be someone else. During this celebration, the princesses and superheroes come out to play. Although our costumes may fit a bit differently, we can’t seem to outgrow this childhood holiday.

Junior Kelsey Rellas starts planning ahead of time for Halloween.

“Fall for me is orangey red leaves and the little chill in the air,” Rellas said. “But we don’t usually have the perfect sunny 75-degree weather. I love the holiday season, I start thinking about my Halloween costume the day after Halloween the year before.”

If you have yet to experience a “college” Halloween, get out there this year.

Halloween is one way to make it through this awkward fall season transition we experience here in San Diego. Get dressed up and let go of the college stress for one night. Halloween was epic then, it’s even more epic now.

Halloween lets you go all out with your costumes. Junior Alex Hernandez has a fun view on this excting time of the year for college students.

“Halloween is a time where you gotta risk it to get the biscuit,” Hernandez said.

Have fun and be safe. Grab your fix of pumpkin spice and get ready, the Halloween countdown starts now.

So as we grow up and become serious adults, it’s nice to have one day of the year to let our inner child come out. Even those serious adults, your parents, celebrate this spooky holiday.

There’s something about this night of candy giving and asking that keeps us all playing pretend for a night. Why not?

Here’s to never having to grow up completely.