Push for Positivity

Danielle DeVries || Asst. Feature Editor

The countdown to summer is on, and with it comes an increased workload and the mounting stress to get it all done in time. It seems that each class is demanding a presentation, paper, or exam, and with the end of the year approaching quickly the pressure is leading to what seems like an increasingly on edge student body.

I understand, I have a ton of work as well, but look around, so does everyone else, that’s part of college.

Stressing out a bit is normal, especially around finals, but what I wish I would hear less of on my walk to and from class, is the constant complaining I witness in conversations throughout the day.

I am just as guilty as everyone else, I complain about having no free time, being swamped with work, and being perpetually tired, and I think the whole school can relate. It can be hard to maintain a positive attitude during hectic times but we have a lot to be thankful for.

When I think about all the sacrifices my parents have made to send me to a private school, and the thousands of people that would kill for the opportunity to attend USD, I can’t help but think I am taking it all for granted by complaining about the very thing I am here to do.

Despite what it seems like sometimes, we are in college to learn. Presentations, papers, and exams all come with the territory of working towards a degree from a top ranking university. Although most of us seem to see college as a four-year grace period between high school and the real world, the reality is, if we want to reap the benefits college has to offer, we have to put in the work.

It’s hard not to complain about how busy we are, after all, ranting is one our natural coping mechanisms to release stress. But next time you feel like complaining, remember that getting a good education is a privilege, not a right, and we must earn that privilege.

Yes the next month may be overwhelming at times, but we are all in the same boat, and summer will be here in no time. Until then though, remember school sometimes means hard work, but it will all be worth it in the end.