Put on your Torero spirit pants


kaitlin photo    When I say “Go” you say “Toreros”. “Go!” — In high school spending your night under the Friday night lights, watching your football team play, was one of the main social events of the weekend.

School spirit was never an issue and it was almost ‘uncool’ to not have school spirit in high school. After attending two universities, I can easily say that school spirit in college is not something all the ‘cool’ kids have.
Being a cheerleader and member of Associated Students gave me more of an edge to be in touch with my inner school spirit in high school and in college. Especially when it comes to sporting events. Spirit Friday? You bet I was wearing a tutu around campus with my spirit shirt. Cheering on the sidelines also gave me a different appreciation for sporting events.
Being in my second year of college, I have come to realize that unless you are an athlete, a part of the Bull-Pit, or required for some other extra university associated activity, your school spirit is lacking. Even though we are at a smaller university, it is not an excuse to not have school spirit. You are a registered, paying student at USD so why wouldn’t you support your athletic teams?
Athletic events are a great excuse for a social activity. Tailgates, the game, then what happens after the game. Its a great way to start your weekend.
Starting March 6th, our men and women’s basketball teams will be competing in the West Coast Conference tournament in Las Vegas. The WCC is the end of basketball season for all schools that are a part of the West Coast Conference, letting one school take home the conference title. The Bull-Pit will be there, but will you? A weekend in Vegas, supporting your very own Toreros. Sounds like a great time to me. The WCC is set up with process of elimination, so there is a great possibility our men and women’s teams will be playing in Vegas all weekend. So if you have not booked your hotel for the weekend yet, you still have time.
If you ask any athlete I am sure they will tell you that they perform better with a crowd. Especially when it comes to basketball. The men and women’s basketball teams feed off of the crowd’s energy and need your support this weekend, and throughout their entire season. You’re paying to get the full college experience, so why not include athletics in that?
It’s time to flashback to your high school memories of sporting events and get in touch with your inner school spirit. I know you have it in you. Get your Torero pants on people.