Resources for quick news


As a college student with a busy schedule, it can sometimes be easy to get stuck in the USD bubble and not keep up with ongoing world events. Even so, there are several great resources available right at your fingertips that can help you to stay updated with what’s going on outside the sphere of your college community.

There are two resources in particular geared toward college students  and millennials that you may find useful to keep up with current events.

One resource is a news blog and virtual newsletter called theSkimm. The blog is run by two 20-year-old CEOs whose aim it was to provide consolidated and pertinent news. These women had previously worked at NBC news and brought their journalistic talent to the blog to create a credible news source for people with limited free time.

TheSkimm focuses not only on being a speedy source for news, but it also helps you to find ways to personally connect to the topics. The stories provide you with enough information to allow you to form your own opinions on the topics.

You can sign up through the blog’s website to join the email newsletter so you can get your daily dose of important world news.

Another resource you should check out is the app Tumbleweed. With this app, you can search through summarized news stories that are updated every day with top stories from around the world.

The news stories on this app are image-based, making it an entertaining Instagram-esque way to scroll through and choose new topics to read up on.

You can even share and edit the stories yourself with the app’s personalization tools. The app is free and has even recently been rated as one of the Best New Apps by iTunes.

These are two resources that I know a lot of fellow college students have found to be helpful. These are great ways to keep up with what’s going in the the world when you don’t have the time to read up on all of the details on a news story but still want a thorough understanding of the core of the issue.

I’ve used both of these resources and have found them to be very useful, especially when I’m in a time crunch but want a quick news update.