Rocky Votolato’s “True Devotion” to Expectations

I think it must say somewhere that with a name like Rocky you must devote some of your time to folk music. That is what I feel Rocky Votolato has done with his 2010 release, True Devotion. He has created the music he felt he had to produce, rather than produce songs that are original with stimulating lyrics.

Votolato proves that he is a practiced, skillful musician, as the guitar mixes with harmonica and his warm vocal tone. But the songs themselves, in structure and in lyrics, lack what Votolato clearly has with his instruments. Though I cannot say this album is not enjoyable, there are no standout pieces in my mind. The album is merely pleasant and present. I could imagine an afternoon of making tea and cuddling with man or pet to this album, but I would like some adventure too – lyrics that make me think and songs that make me want to see what is next for the artist. Maybe Votolato will save that for his next release, or at least I hope he can showcase his talent in a more original and stimulating way.

– Kelsey Perry

Rocky Votolato


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