Romance and drama tie up ‘Suits’ season 4 finale


The popularity of USA Network’s series “Suits” has significantly increased among college students, as is the case with students from the University of San Diego. With stellar acting and intriguing storylines that span beyond the average “Law and Order” episode, “Suits” focuses on the inner workings of a legal firm and in particular follows the lives of lawyers Harvey Specter and Mike Ross.
Junior Nathalia Gochicoa continually looks forward to her humpday highlight.
“Wednesday nights are better ever since I started watching Suits,” Gochicoa said. “The show is so addicting, I love that it’s not the typical drama.”
Now that its fourth season has come to an end, “Suits” has left the viewers with lots to talk about before it comes back during the summer, starting its fifth season. The 16th episode of the season, “Not Just a Pretty Face,” featured a lot of drama and romance, not exactly what the viewing audience of  “Suits” is used to, and especially not when it comes to Harvey Specter.
Senior Luis Ayala enjoyed that change of pace and is looking forward to the return more than ever after watching the finale.
“Another reason why I can’t wait for summer,” Ayala said. “I can’t explain how much I love the show.”
In the previous episode, “Intent”, a complicated relationship was introduced between Harvey and Donna. Although, viewers always knew they had once been intimately involved long before they started working at the newly named law firm, Pearson Specter Litt. Has there been some kind of ongoing, hidden chemistry for more than seven years? Well, the inevitable finally happened.
First, Harvey told Donna he loved her at the end of the 15th episode, although he didn’t really act on it or even elaborate on it; and the 16th episode closed with an “I love you, Harvey” from Donna, right after she told him she was leaving him to start working for Louis. Some viewers actually find this to be a positive thing. The “Darvey” couple cannot possibly work out as long as Donna is Harvey’s secretary.
On another interesting note, Harvey, who has always been portrayed as the guy that would rather talk law than emotions, was not exactly featured as the cold-hearted lawyer that he usually is.
In this season finale, viewers experienced a rare emotional side of Harvey. Not only by his saddened expression of Donna leaving him, but also by finally having the mystery solved of why he hates Forstman so much. It involves Harvey’s little brother, Marcus.
Senior Yvanna Rivera is a fan of how the show leaves no loose ends or unanswered questions at the finale; it always comes full circle.
“I was so behind on the show, I didn’t even remember Forstman,” Rivera said. “It’s great how every question I have about certain relationships featured during the show is answered sooner or later.”
However, Norma’s storyline came to a somewhat confusing end. Viewers heard about Louis’ secretary every now and then and how much he hated her, but there was never a character development for Norma. Her death at the end of the season was shocking. Although this situation helped further develop the relation between Donna and Louis, it is sad that viewers will never know what Norma even looked like.
Later on in the episode, Mike and Rachel are finally engaged. Hopefully no third wheelers will be showing up to ruin things this time. Although it seems that Logan is gone for good, Jenny is still out there  and so is the girl Mike fell for in the flashback episode this season, Claire. Fun fact: Claire’s role was portrayed by Mike’s real-life fiancée, Troian Bellisario, who stars in “Pretty Little Liars” as Spencer.
Although “Suits” centers on lawsuits and the legal world, the show has been able to reach all kinds of audiences and not necessarily only pre-law or law students. Senior Paulina Canizales is one of these types of students who enjoys the show for its smart humor.
“It is an intelligent, witty TV show that is not only entertaining, but also stimulating because it encourages viewers to think outside the box,” Canizales said.
All there’s left to do is wait for the all new season.