“Rooftop Soliloquy” April 9th by Nick Peterson

“King of Carrot Flowers (pt. 1)” Neutral Milk Hotel
“Obstacle 1” Interpol
“Flume” Bon Iver
“The Funeral” Band of Horses
“The Gloaming (Live in the Basement)” Radiohead
“West Coast” Coconut Records
“Lost Cause” Beck

Basement version of The Gloaming is ridiculous. +10 Awesome points Mike Sinodis…
Plus everyone needs a daily dose of Band of Horses. And is there anyone who doesn’t like Bon Iver? I haven’t actually met that person yet.
In case the story wasn’t good enough yet, he’s going back to play a benefit concert for the jazz band at his high school (http://www.memorial.ecasd.k12.wi.us/). So they’ll have cash to travel to NY for a festival.
+230 Karma Points Justin Vernon