“Run Forrest Run” April 9th by Liz Crosby

“montanita” Ratatat
“Blind to You” Collie Budz
”We Are Your Friends” Justice
“Are You The One?” The Presets
“Salvador” Jamie T
“The First Vietnamese War” The Black Angels
“The Ocean and the Sky” The Sound of Animals Fighting
“Lights and Music” Cut Copy
“Starstrukk” 3OH!3
“We Own the Sky” M83
“Dream Machine (Downtempo Mix)” Mark Farina & Sean Hayes

I can’t take complete credit for this play list.  I posted a message on fbook for all of our DJs and someone that didn’t even go to our school responded with a play list.  We didn’t have a profile for him, but I was so stoked by his selection, that I just had to find a way to put it up.  So I threw in a few more of my songs to give it embellishment and put it up under my profile.  Thanks Blair Berger.  You have the most legitimate taste in music, and your play lists are always greatly appreciated!