Samuel Stewart – In Studio @ USD Radio

Keep on the lookout for this EP.

Before his show last Monday at San Diego’s very own Casbah, Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter Samuel Stewart was kind enough to swing by our studio. Stewart has gained quite a bit of attention in the L.A. indie scene and is being recognized as an artist about to break through on a national level. After numerous live shows, Stewart has made a name for himself while developing a newfound love for a different type of music. His recent endeavors into gypsy punk have mixed with the refined alternative sounds of his previously famed band, London-based The Blondelles, to create a wonderful fusion of indie music. As we look down the road at Stewart’s future, we see the upcoming release of a new EP (The Beginner) and, undoubtedly, the soon to follow success that Stewart deserves for his solo work. If you’re a fan of artists such as Gogol Bordello or Devendra Banhart, Samuel Stewart should be the next name on your radar. Our live session was broadcast a week ago, but in true USD Radio spirit, we’re posting it here for those of you who missed it. Tune in to the whole thing to hear Stewart yap about his experiences in the London and L.A. scenes and to hear about the influence of having two parents as music stars, or just hit play on the individual in-studio tracks. Whatever you do, if you like the music (as I’m sure you will), make sure to grab the EP for free here.

Full Set: Samuel Stewart

Devil Music: Devil Music (Live)

Medicine: Medicine (Live)

For more information on Samuel Stewart, make sure to check out his website.