Samuel Stewart Swings by the Studio

Samuel Stewart - Casbah - This Monday - $5

How’s that for a few too many S words?

Monday will bring two very special things to San Diego: Samuel Stewart’s show at the Casbah as well as intimate in-studio here at USD. Pending a few final details, it looks like the artist will go on live around 12:30 p.m. as a featured guest during Bryce’s show. If you’re unable to listen live, we encourage you check out the audio from that segment, which will be posted on the site after the event.

For those of you who might not be familiar with Stewart’s work as a musician, he is best introduced along the lines of indie rock. However, comparisons quickly spread out from there. Many songs seem to mix gypsy punk along the lines of Gogol Bordello with more raw, rock based sounds reminiscent of the Cold War Kids. Overall, the resulting sound creates the atmosphere of an Old West saloon, complete with burlesque dancers. Stewart’s music is finely mastered, incorporating string sections, brass arrangements, ballroom piano and distorted guitar riffs.

Needless to say, when Stewart arrives this Monday at the Casbah, one can expect a show that should not be missed. As part of Tim Pyles’ Anti-Monday League, the show is only $5, but USD Radio has a few extra tickets to give out. If you’d like to get into this show for free, hit up