San Diego gears up for Halloween

The days of trick-or-treating and school Halloween carnivals might be behind most students at the University of San Diego, but that doesn’t mean that Halloween celebrations have to be any less festive this year. Although leaves aren’t changing colors and temperatures are hardly dropping, it is indeed autumn in San Diego. There are a ton of great ways to celebrate Halloween and enjoy the fall season.

While the school doesn’t place an emphasis on decorating for Halloween and most members of the campus community choose not to dress up, USD does still offer some fun Halloween festivities. USD dining services sponsored the annual Apple Fest to help get people in the fall spirit. Celebrations also occur within residential areas, with the Alcála Vista Apartments featuring Halloween activities from Thursday, Oct. 27 until Halloween night.

Torero Program Board also has some Halloween-themed events in the works for the student body.

Junior Jenna Matin, a member of TPB, noted there are several fun TPB-sponsored Halloween events coming up.

“[While] there isn’t a specific event on Halloween, there are Halloween events Tuesday and Thursday,” Matin said. “[Information about the events can be found on] TPB’s Facebook and the event calendar.”

These events include a Halloween festival, featuring a haunted house, pumpkin decorating, and pie, and “Halloswing,” a dance event co-sponsored by TPB, the Black Student Union, Soldiers who Salsa, and the USD Social Dance Club, that features swing dancing and live music.

Aside from school events, there are tons of great ways to celebrate Halloween around San Diego.

To get the city in the Halloween spirit, San Diego’s 12th annual Halloween Boo Parade is happening Saturday Oct. 29 at 10 a.m. and starts at the corner of El Cajon Boulevard and Rolando Boulevard. Floats, costumes and characters, and live music and entertainment are all expected at this year’s parade.

For those that prefer the treats over the tricks come Halloween time, spending the day making delicious Halloween treats is always a fun way to prepare for the holiday. Caramel apples, pumpkin pie, and witch hat cookies are classic Halloween treats sure to set the stage for a good holiday.

Other mellow Halloween options include renting a scary movie or browsing through the tons of thrillers on Netflix or heading to the pumpkin patch. Take these mellow nights to the next level by hosting a Halloween horror movie night or a pumpkin carving party to enjoy the night with friends.

For those that embrace Halloween horror, there are plenty of scream-inducing attractions in San Diego. The Scream Zone at the Del Mar Fairgrounds, Haunted Trails at Balboa Park, and The Haunted Hotel in the Gaslamp District are all great options for the brave of heart. Prices for these events range from $19 to $33.

Also hosted in the Gaslamp District, for those upperclassmen lucky enough to be 21 and up, Monster Bash and Zombiecrawl will be taking over downtown, and promise to be a good time.  Both events come with a fee ranging from $40 to $70.

With all the fun activities and festivities San Diego is offering this year, Halloween is shaping up to be one for the record books. Don’t forget to secure a great costume, eat some treats, and be safe Halloween night.

By Dani DeVries, Opinion Editor