San Diego spotlight: Encinitas

Local beach town has something for everyone


From beautiful beaches and sunshine to delicious cuisine and exciting nightlife, Encinitas is a place that has a little bit of everything. When people think of San Diego they usually think of the zoo, downtown, Balboa Park and SeaWorld. Although all of these things come to mind, San Diego has so much more to offer. Located just 25 minutes north lies the beautiful city of Encinitas.

Walking distance from the beach, the 101 highway is the heart of Encinitas. This area has several great restaurants, cafes and clothing boutiques.

Senior Caitlin Solomon grew up in Encinitas and visits her home often.

“I love the 101 because it’s such a diverse and laid back community with an extremely happy and welcoming vibe,” Solomon said. “The food, beaches and shopping make it my happy place and I can’t imagine living anywhere else.”

Because it is a beach city, Encinitas attracts many surfers and hipsters. Moonlight Beach and D Street are the two most popular beaches because of their large waves and beauty.

Solomon loves going to Moonlight Beach and laying out under the sun with a book, enjoying the vivacious and friendly environment.

She also frequents Detour, a small women’s clothing boutique and salon.

“It has fashionable and stylish clothing for young women,” Solomon said.

Although some of the clothing items can be pricey, she thinks their outfits are worth the cost.

Not only does Encinitas have beautiful beaches, it also has delicious food. Swami’s and Giovanni’s are just a few of the delicious food options on the busy 101 highway. Swami’s cafe is a much more casual restaurant, with meal prices averaging between $7 and $12. It is known for its incredible acai bowls and gets extremely busy around lunchtime.

For a more upscale option, Giovanni’s is an Italian restaurant that is perfect for dates. Although it is a little more expensive, with dishes ranging anywhere from $10 to $20, the chef does a wonderful job of making the Italian cuisine as authentic as possible.

Senior Nathan Rebelo recently discovered Encinitas loves going on dates in the area.

“Giovanni’s is by far my favorite restaurant on the 101 because it’s a great place to take a date because of its amazing Italian food,” Rebelo said. “I feel like I’m in Italy when I eat there,”
Next time you and some friends want to explore a new city, head up to Encinitas, you will not be disappointed.