Senior Spotlight of the week

By Christina Belloso

Senior accounting major Chloe Lingle knows what it takes to make the seamless transition from college into the workforce. For many business students, an internship is a stepping-stone to a future career. After participating in an accelerated college program and completing a summer internship with the firm KPMG, Lingle has been offered a job with the firm after she graduates.

College life is a balancing act and Lingle has managed to stay well rounded in advancing her career goals while not compromising on campus involvement and her hobbies such as tennis, paddleboarding and following fashion. Originally from Tustin, California, Lingle graduated from Arnold O. Beckman High School. She came to University of San Diego as a pre-med major with the intent of becoming a veterinarian, but eventually found a passion in accounting.

“Both of my parents are business people and I thank them for instilling the importance of business to me,” Lingle said.
The versatility as well as the employability of accounting was what drew her to the major. Through the accelerated program, Lingle has been able to complete undergraduate and graduate classes in four years. She has belonged to the Alcalá Club since freshman year, a club in which students are chosen to represent the university.

“I have made life long relationship through this organization as well as refined my professional and soft skills,” she said.
She has been able to work directly with Dr. Mary Lyons, assist the USD community and uphold the position of vice president of marketing.

The accounting recruitment process began during Lingle’s sophomore year. It was during her second year that she participated in the summer leadership program where students are introduced to The Big 4, the four largest accounting firms in the nation. Students have a greater chance of obtaining an internship after participating in the summer leadership program.
“The experience you get at The Big 4 is incomparable to other firms. The program allows you to see which firm works the best,” Lingle said.

The connections that were made during the program would prove to be paramount as Lingle entered the first round of interviews for an internship during her fall semester of junior year. The second round of interviews took place during winter break after which she received internship offers from three of The Big 4 firms. Ultimately, she chose an internship with KPMG in San Diego.

KPMG offers audit, tax and advisory services to a variety of organizations and industries in an effort to improve their business performance. Lingle decided to specialize in audit, which produces financial statements for companies and makes sure their accounting is properly completed. The experience of working with and learning from KPMG employees allowed her to build on the solid foundation of her accounting skills as audit was more on-the-job learning.

“In audit, it is essential to work in different team environments and adjust,” Lingle said.

The training Lingle underwent fully immersed her into a professional yet comfortable setting. She was able to witness how the employees were equally motivated to pursue work achievements as well as family life, creating a healthy balance.

“At KPMG everyone has a life outside of the office,” Lingle said.

Her decision to choose KPMG over the other firms was due to her admiration for how the employees were treated and how they interacted.

Students, professors and campus career services were active advisers throughout the recruitment process. Professors Diane Pattison and Mark Judd both stressed the importance of getting an internship at one of the Big 4. She found one of the greatest resources to be the students.

“The students that went through this same process had tips for improving,” Lingle said. “They were the people that were getting internships.”

Lingle recommends providing recruiters with a business card after meeting them.

“It allows them to remember you and get to know you on a deeper and personal level,” Lingle said.

Career services also offer guidance and advice to students who are building their resumes.

The ability to network, prioritize and approach with a positive outlook have become Lingle’s ingredients to success. Lingle intends on applying her techniques to her new job and as she looks to the future hopefully tying into the retail industry. “A few years down the line I plan to go to the KPMG office in LA,” Lingle said.

Her preparation through the Alcala Club and the Accounting Society events are what has shaped her professionalism. “The lessons that I have learned at USD that will help me with my new job are the importance of adaptability and networking,” she said. Undoubtedly, Lingle will be bringing with her the skills learned over the course of her time at USD.