Shaggy Hair and Floral Button Ups: A Mystic(al) Braves experience


Grab your boogie shoes, funky bell-bottom pants and take a step into the world of psychedelic rock. The cryptic tunes created by none other than The Mystic Braves taking fans for a wild ride back to sixties. Straight out of L.A. the band defines the scene of southern California beach culture, entertaining the ears of rock fans throughout the west coast.


October eighth, the band caravanned down to San Diego performing for eager fans: filling the night with guitar strums that weaved through the crowd, creating an atmosphere vibrant and lavish. The venue, The Kasbah, set the funky tone with pool tables, an indoor and outdoor bar occupied by rugged bartenders, and vintage posters cluttering the hallways. Throughout the night the band socialized with the crowd, sharing drinks during the sets of the opening acts The Dream Ride and Los Sweepers.

The band finally went on at midnight, cultivating a fusion of bass, guitar, drums, and tambourine. The band members consist of: Julian Ducatenzeiler, Tony Malacara, Shane Stostsenberg, Cameron Gartung and Ignacio Gonzalez all reigning from the San Diego and Los Angeles area. The eclectic quintet performed popular songs from their debut album, Days of Yesteryear featuring the song “To Myself” and “Bright Blue Day Haze” and the famous tune, “Desert Island” from their 2014 album Desert Island. The music offered something different, like a time machine taken back to the sixties in a suburban neighborhood: The Mystic Braves bestows a garage band tenor. The sound projecting soft, occult notes and ending with a fast pace drum imbued harmonious tune.

The last song left the crowd buzzed and high off enigmatic energy fashioned through the tremendous tunes.


USD Radio Writer:

Nicole Kuhn

Photos also by:

Nicole Kuhn