Show Review: Biffy Clyro at Belly Up Tavern

Biffy Clyro at Belly Up, presented by FM 94.9

USD Radio’s Chuck Cartwright checks out NME’s “Best Live Act”, Biffy Clyro.  The band headlined an installment of the FM 94.9 “About the Music” concert series at The Belly Up Tavern in Solana Beach on 4/14.

By: Chuck Cartwright

From the very first note that came from Simon Neil’s guitar, it was clear that Biffy Clyro’s sound was too big for The Belly Up Tavern.  Rock anthems typically reserved for stadiums full of adoring fans in Europe, were being played in the sleepy seaside community of Solona Beach for roughly 1,000 lucky patrons.

As I entered the venue, a few folks looking for conversation casually asked if I knew anything about the band who we paid a measly $6 to see.  I told them they were one of the biggest bands in Europe, and how they have over half of a million fans on Facebook, and how they’re currently revered as one of the most energetic touring acts in the world.  How was is possible that there were people in attendance who didn’t even know how privileged they were to see such an acclaimed band, in such an intimate venue?

Luckily everyone understood once the three haggard-looking musicians, hailing from Kilamarnock, Scotland took the stage.  They launched into “The Captain”, the first track off of their new album and never quit for over an hour and a half.  Whenever the crowd began to applaud at the perceived conclusion of a track, the band would catapult into a guitar solo or rock ‘n roll infused jam until they were ready to call it quits.

The three Scots made enough noise to fill a stadium, and quite frankly I think some of the folks at The Belly Up were taken aback by the rapturous musical assault by the ragtag trio.

By the time Biffy Clyro finally relented, I wasn’t sure there was still a roof on The Belly Up Tavern.  My ears rang for at least an hour, all the way back to San Diego.

Once I got home, I added myself to the band’s hundreds of millions of Facebook fans, and continued to ponder why they aren’t more popular on this side of the pond.  Why weren’t they playing the main stage at Coachella this weekend, instead of in Solona Beach?

With the energy they displayed, I don’t think Biffy Clyro will be playing small venues in the U.S. for much longer.  It’s just not possible–the beast needs to be let out of its cage.

Only Revolutions - Biffy Clyro

Biffy Clyro- "Only Revolutions"