“Snozzberry Stew” hosted by The Constable


(because you love it)

Yes the Snozzberries actually taste like Snozzberries. Hope Halloween was all you wanted it to be. If weird stuff happened to you during this on goings of this weekend, don’t worry it did for most people. I just wanted to tell you (the reader of this tid-bit of writings) that I throughly enjoy you for your awesomeness. Just had to get that off my chest. If you didn’t know already it’s November and its time to stop shaving fellas. It’s NO SHAVE NOVEMBER, the whiskers need to be released from their cage and be allowed to explore the world around them. And to the ladies, please don’t hate on the whiskers. There is truly  no need, nothing is wrong with a little bit of chin fur from time to time. Embrace it, don’t hate it. Good luck to all of you, my fellow furry companions. Enjoy this joyous month. Facebook me if you wanna: Constable Cornelius Thunderdome. Or email me at cornelius@usdradio.org

Snozberry Stew

Songs on this show (in order of appearance):

  • Heavy Metal Drummer-Wilco
  • Is There a Ghost-Band of Horses
  • Fluorescent Adolescent- Artic Monkeys
  • Young Folks- Peter Bjorn And John
  • Quiet Dog- Mos Def
  • Happiness Is A Warm Gun- The Beatles
  • B+A- The Beta Band
  • The Prowl- Dan Auerbach
  • Army Reserve- Pearl Jam
  • 11am- Incubus
  • The Hollows- Why?
  • Shine A Light- Wolf Parade
  • Thrash Unreal- Against Me!

First Place Winner of the 1977 Mustache Festival in Bruges,

Constable Cornelius Thunderdome