Spotlight on “Cajita” project

Inspired by Dia de Los Muertos, Dr. Camacho’s Sociology 216 D class created “cajitas”, or little boxes, to represent themselves and their ancestry. This project was adapted from the assignment developed by Dr. Pulido for his Ethnic Studies courses. These cajitas were tributes to loved ones who have passed, as well as reflections of how their past shaped their identities. The cajitas were displayed over the weekend in Serra Hall, with one featured below.

Allyson Meyer

My cajita represents who I am both ethnically and personally. The multiple pictures represent my Irish heritage and the importance I place on family in my life. My name, a family name, is also represented through those pictures. They are a reminder of my past and the importance of knowing where you come from. The picture in the upper left-hand corner is of my great-great uncle who was killed during World War II. His middle name was Allyson, and sharing his name is a constant reminder of his legacy. The sewing items, recipe and Relay for Life bracelet are a memorial to my grandma who passed away from cancer four years ago, and the origami flower and the Not On My Watch bracelet are a reminder that suicide has impacted my life, and the need to spread awareness and educate people about suicide prevention. Lastly, there are many references throughout the box to my love for travel and understanding different cultures and identities.