Spring Break Hot Spots

Danielle DeVries || Asst. Feature Editor

Road trip
You’re looking for: A laidback spring break on a budget
You should: Take a road trip up the coast
Map it out: Be sure to hit Malibu, Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, and Big Sur before rounding off the trip in San Francisco.
Tips: Have everyone chip in for gas, snack food, and switch off driving. Try and stay with friends or family along the way to cut costs.
Don’t forget: Sunglasses, a killer playlist, and lots games.

You’re looking for: A true, college spring break experience
You should: Head south of the border
Map it out: Whether you’re hitting Cabo, Cancun, or somewhere more off the beaten path Mexico’s beautiful beaches and warm water are sure to satisfy your spring break cravings.
Tips: What other time besides college are you going to be able to party on the beach with thousands of your peers? Enjoy yourself, but remember to make smart choices. Utilize the buddy system, if you choose to drink, pace yourself, always be aware of your surroundings, and never go swimming while intoxicated.
Don’t forget: Your bathing suit, lots of sunscreen and drink plenty of water.

Day Trips
You’re looking to: Stay close to San Diego but still fit in a few adventures
You should: Take a few day trips
Map it out: Whether it’s into the mountains to Julian, hiking the Hollywood Hills, surfing Trestles, or cruising up the coast to San Clemente or Newport beach. There are tons of options for a quick escapade.
Tips: Be sure to plan out and organize your day ahead of time to optimize your time, but leave a little wiggle room for something spontaneous.
Don’t forget: To check restaurant reviews, surf reports, and traffic, before you go. Nothing ruins a quick trip like spending hours deciding where to eat or being stuck in traffic.

San Diego
You’re looking to: Stay Local
You should: Take the ultimate staycation
Map it out: We live where you spring break, so why bother leaving? Spend the day lying on the beach in Coronado, exploring Hillcrest, snorkeling in La Jolla, or meandering the farmer’s market in Little Italy or North Park.
Tips: Check sites like groupon for great deals on local activities. Go sailing, rent beach cruisers or paddle boards, or try a new restaurant.
Don’t forget: To reach out to other friends that will be staying here, everyone needs a good beach buddy.

You’re looking to: Spend the week relaxing in style
You should: Hop on the next plane to Hawaii
Map it out: Although a pricier option, nothing says spring break like floating in the tropical waters of Hawaii. You know what they say, treat yo’ self.
Tips: Completely immerse yourself in the peaceful beauty surrounding you. Grab a good book, leave your cellphone at home, and enjoy the day soaking up the sun.
Don’t forget: To pack a raincoat or umbrella, tropical weather means rain in addition to sunshine.

You’re looking to: Be one with nature
You should: Go camping on Catalina Island
Map it out: Despite Catalina being close, it feels like a world away. Head up to Dana point, hop on a quick ferry to the island, and spend the week breathing in the fresh, salty air.
Tips: Take advantage of everything Catalina has to offer, whether it is snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing, cruising around on a golf cart, or parasailing. Catalina has many worth-while activities.
Don’t forget: Remember to be mindful, to keep the island clean, pick up your trash, and treat the island’s unique ecosystem with respect.

You are looking to: Get deep in powder
You Should: Travel to Colorado, Mammoth, or any other snowy town
Map it out: If you’re someone that loves the snow and is looking to get away from the sun, head to where the snow is falling, because it definitely still is.
Tips: Organize and pack up all your gear ahead of time and make sure to look up ticket prices for any student discounts.
Don’t Forget: To pack some extra layers just in case it’s colder than the forecast predicted and if you are skiing or snowboarding, always have a buddy along, or at a minimum, someone nearby who can come to the rescue if something bad does arise.