Spylight: fashion at your fingertips

The fashion app that allows you to dress like your favorite TV and movie characters


A new fashion app is connecting viewers to popular TV and movie characters like never before. The app, Spylight, works on set with costume designers to connect its users with exact matches from the characters’ closets.

The Spylight mobile app will be launched on the App Store by the end of this week in wake of an already popular website and blog.

Spylight was founded by Casper Daugaard in 2014 when he was frustrated that it took months of online searching to find his favorite Zac Efron looks from the movie Charlie St. Cloud. The young Yale graduate flew to Los Angeles, met with executives from Twentieth Century Fox, and was given access to the sets so he could start his business.

The app has worked on 44 movies and 61 TV shows to date, bringing a variety of styles to its users. Users can navigate the app by searching for the name of a show or movie, a character, or a product. The app provides you with exact matches to outfits from each scene when they are available. And when the outfits are out of stock, custom, or unreasonably priced, the app provides close matches that are almost identical and affordable.

Lexie Fahey is a sophomore at USD and a campus ambassador for the new app. Her favorite feature on the app is audio synch, which listens to the show or movie you are watching, identifies the scene, and then identifies all of the products in that scene.

“It’s like the Shazam of fashion,” Fahey said. “The app is taking the outfits in peoples’ favorite shows and creating a way for them to buy them in one easy step”

Some of the looks are surprisingly inexpensive too; it is just the combination of different pieces and accessories by fashion experts working on the set that make them look high end. For the first time, viewers are being connected directly to the costume designers so that instead of buying clothes like their favorite character’s, they can buy their favorite character’s clothes.

Jessie Gold is an entertainment expert who works for Spylight and said that the key to keeping up with trends is by following pop culture.

“The best way to stay up to date on trends is to observe the fashion around you: in pop culture or on screen in TV Shows or Movie,” Gold said. “Spylight is an app that connects its users with fashion directly from stylists and costume designers and allows you to dress exactly like the characters/stars you admire!”
Students at USD are already looking forward to the release of the app. Sam Pantazopoulos, a sophomore, is excited to be able to shop for the outfits of her favorite fashion icon.

“I would totally use this app,” Pantazopoulos said. “I love that it shows you every piece of an outfit, not just the clothes but also the accessories. Now I can finally buy Blake Lively’s closet from Gossip Girl.”

The Spylight app takes the struggle out of shopping. Now when you see something you like, or someone on TV that inspired you, and you can buy it online right away All this is possible with the touch of a button.

No more searching, no more settling. Just shopping.