Step up your game this Halloween


Walker Chuppe/The USD Vista Where’s Waldo? In The USD Vista office.

Each year, we see a range of typical Halloween costumes, and it can sometimes be easy to fall in with the crowd. Cats, firefighters, police officers, nurses, and superheroes are all staples of any Halloween gathering. It can be a humorous sight when four different Supermans or Waldos run into each other at a party.

At the same time, if you’d prefer to stand out from the crowd, this list of some unique and culturally-relevant costumes from 2016 may help you spark some ideas for your costume this coming Halloween.

1. Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump

Fairly self-explanatory, the two polarizing candidates from this election cycle often seem like caricatures themselves. Either candidate is perfect for making into a hilarious Halloween costume. The Clinton and Trump combo is also an excellent option for a couple’s costume, although you might manage to disgust a few people by doing so. There are also some twists available on each costume, including creating a “crooked Hillary” or a “Donald Drumpf” version.

2. Beyoncé in “Lemonade”

For many, Beyoncé is queen, and she is one of the most universally praised celebrities in a world where the internet loves to criticize. One of the most popular artists and public figures on the planet, a Beyoncé costume for Halloween is sure to get you noticed. Adding her bright yellow dress and baseball bat from her somewhat infamous video for “Lemonade” could make it stand out that much more. The costume also would not require an enormous amount of work or materials, which is always a plus for college students on a budget.

3. Harambe

Yep, here we go. The internet’s favorite gorilla, Harambe has become a widespread meme across the web, to the enjoyment of some and to the dismay of others. Because the gorilla has gone viral, a Harambe costume has the potential to be one of the most memorable this Halloween. This is probably the one and only Halloween when Harambe will have the same incredible relevance and hype, so now is the time to capitalize on the meme’s popularity. Some are even going for a “sexy Harambe” version, but that might be too advanced for some of us.

4. Snapchat filters

Lately, it seems that the dog ears, flower crown, and bunny ears have all become a part of the average college student’s smartphone usage. Facebook profile pictures, Instagram accounts, and Tinder profiles can’t seem to escape the filters, let alone the countless regular Snapchats sent every day. Instantly recognizable, the filters are a great option for a unique and and simple costume. The best part is that you likely only have to buy one accessory and some makeup to perfect the look.

5. Pokémon Go trainer

This one might take more work, but it is definitely one that will stand out in the crowd. With the hype that Pokémon Go has created since its release in July, Pokémon has exponentially risen in popularity amongst young adults, especially college-aged individuals. For this one, you’ll need a Pokémon Go jacket, backpack, visor, and, of course, some Pokéballs. Don’t forget to play some Pokémon Go while walking around on Halloween. Though there are more parts to this costume than some of the others, perhaps with more effort comes better reward.

6. Ken Bone

This year’s sleeper pick for costume of the year may go to Ken Bone, the internet sensation that went viral seemingly overnight. His red cardigan, mustachioed upper lip, and unwavering confidence has inspired countless people since the presidential debate last week. Following the debate, his Twitter follower count has grown by over 200 thousand in a matter of days. Bone is currently at the peak of his viral popularity, having done an “Ask Me Anything” on Reddit last week that reached the front page of the website. A Bone costume for Halloween might be the most culturally-relevant costume of 2016.

These are examples of some of the most culturally-relevant Halloween costumes of 2016, so that perhaps we might be able to branch out from the ones that we continually see each year. There are countless options for great costumes out there, and this list hopes to present some ideas that might inspire and create some memorable ones for this year’s Halloween. If you aren’t up for going as Trump or Clinton this year, you can still dress up as Bone.

Written by Walker Chuppe, Arts & Culture Editor