Street Scene Preview (Part 2 of 2)

Street Scene Countdown: 45 Days!

In my opinion, I consider Street Scene the Coachella of the Coast. Rather than in the desert during the day, it’s in the middle of the city in the evening. What better way to end your summer and kick off the school year?

M.I.A.: Recently named one of Time magazine’s 100 most influential people of 2009, M.I.A. has remained consistently in the public eye thanks to her role in the Slumdog Millionaire soundtrack, the birth of her first child and her guest vocals on T.I.’s “Swagga Like Us.” I missed her at Coachella so I’m definitely gonna try and hit up her performance at Street Scene.

20 Dollar

“20 Dollar”

Modest Mouse: Modest Mouse is yet again providing fans with new tracks to devour, but before you automatically say, “I hate their new stuff,” take a listen. Their new stuff is actually old stuff that didn’t make it onto their last two albums. They have the classic Modest Mouse wordplay, (“I drew a blank and put it into a frame”) and they have various styles of guitar distortion. Right up my alley. I’ve seen them play four or five times and can guarantee that you will not be disappointed. Here is my favorite of their newest released tracks.

Autumn Beds

“Autumn Beds”

Bassnectar: Bassnectar is my new favorite electronic dubstep band. I put their album on when I’m headed to a party of some sort because it makes me smile, makes me headbang and it gives me chills. This is a band that is passionate about what music can do for people and is passionate about the live show experience. I’m most excited for their performance at Street Scene because after snooping around their website and hearing the live set they did for KISS FM, I realized what I have been missing at all of the electronic shows I’ve gone to and I refuse to pass up the chance to experience this kind of environment. Their track “Art of Revolution” features the vocals of Tapper Zukie.

Art of Revolution

“Art of Revolution”

Silversun Pickups: I never really got a chance to hop on the Silversun Pickups bandwagon, but thanks to MTV I’ve heard tidbits of their song “Panic Switch” and I was instantly drawn in. I like the vocals and I like the overall vibe of their music; it’s pretty easy to take in. Peter Cho described it best when he wrote in his album review that “The music maintains a serious nature throughout the album, while also maintaining a sound that feels like wisps of smoke entering your ears into your dreams. Seriously.”

Panic Switch

“Panic Switch”

West Indian Girl: This summer I’ve been getting into more eclectic, transcendent, experimental hippy shit, and I like it. West Indian Girl reminds me of the little known bands I’ve been exposed to, so I already know a live show by a band of this nature will be incredible. Their sound is a little ethereal and ambient and altogether an experience. Ps their name is a type of LSD that was popular in the ‘60s. I look forward to the lights at this show.



Matt and Kim: Matt and Kim are the smiley-est musicians I’ve ever seen. I tend to be enthralled by their music videos and in them they look like they are having more fun than I ever thought possible on a music video set (but I would be too if I got to have a food fight while pounding my heart out on the drums). Matt and Kim are energetic and from what I can tell by viewing their music videos, they like to get messy. I’m gonna try and avoid the center of the crowd for this show. In a past interview the band did with The Vista they said some kids like to mosh at their shows…to each their own, I suppose.



LA Riots: LA Riots have played at HARD and have done remixes of many enjoyable songs. In fact, they put together a 2008 Coachella playlist for the LA Times. They know a good beat when they hear it, thus they know how to manipulate a good beat and make it even better. They’re fast, they’re furious and they’re fun. I don’t think it’s possible for their live show to disappoint.

N.A.S.A. Music Remix

“N.A.S.A. Music Remix”

Deerhunter: Deerhunter has received encouraging words from Pitchfork (a rarity) and a ‘two thumbs up’ on my behalf (with my first listen at that). Their music is a type of psychedelic pop rock that’s catchy while maintaining an underscore of intelligence. The band associates with fellow musicians Grizzly Bear and Liars. Sold.

Nothing Ever Happened

“Nothing Ever Happened”

Holy Fuck: I describe their music as somewhat of an ear fuck, as they use live instruments to create electronic sounds and the result can be a bit intense, and equally inspirational. Radiohead chose the band’s track, “Lovely Allen,” to be on a playlist they did for BBC Radio, and also picked their remix of “Nude” as the winner of the remix contest they held. Holy Fuck was also deemed one of top three performers at Glastonbury, with their live show described as a “force to be reckoned with.” Mix all these delicious facts together and you get a potentially life-changing experience. I most definitely will not be missing out.



Girl Talk: Girl Talk’s name was uttered by many at USD after his rumored performance fell through. But weep no more, as the famed mashup artist returns to San Diego via Street Scene. I heard he jumped into a raft on top of his Coachella crowd, and judging from my past experiences at his live shows he’s a very entertaining artists, to say the least. You can check out my interview with him here.

Play Your Part, Pt. 1

“Play Your Part, Pt. 1”