Stroll around South Park


Last week we gave readers an inside scoop on the best of North Park, so it is only fair to give South Park some love.

South Park is a quaint neighborhood nestled between other little areas of San Diego such as Golden Hill and Balboa Park.

South Park was one of the first suburbs of Downtown San Diego, contributing to its strong historical presence.

Generally, visitors tend to gravitate toward the North Park region. However, South Park contains equally delicious food, events, a variety of shopping, and a diverse subculture of people.

The location and proximity to other neighborhoods has brought in an abundance of small businesses, boutiques, cafés, and taverns. Small business is a major component to the make up of the neighborhood, and often a major reason why locals enjoy living in the area. It brings an increased level of comfort and safety. Business owners take pride in knowing regulars, but also getting to know out-of-towners.

Celebrating small businesses and local shops has been a long standing tradition in South Park for some time. On several occasions throughout the year, South Park puts on a Walkabout.

A Walkabout is a fun-filled evening festival showcasing all the independent and unique businesses in the area where owners give out complimentary samples, put on live music, and offer gift giveaways. This celebration takes place throughout the neighborhood, incorporating both family friendly activities and happy hour specials for legal adults.

The holidays, especially the fall and winter seasons, are always celebrated in South Park. The neighborhood hosts a variety of seasonal gatherings, such as an annual community tree lighting. Events such as these bring the community together to celebrate life, love, and family.           

Similarly to other San Diego areas, South Park has great shopping. Why? Because it is rare to find mainstream labels and shops. Instead South Parkers pride themselves on buying unique clothing from local shops. One of the noteworthy shopping experiences associated with the area is that many of the stores provide eco-friendly, recycled clothing, accessories, and home made décor.

Some of the top shops in the area include Mythology EcoBoutique, Make Good, Crow Thief, Graffiti Beach, and Brake & Rumble.

South Park has incredible food and drink options. Restaurant owners and chefs take great satisfaction in their ability to please the public with mouth-watering foods and tasty drinks.

In addition, there is an inherent presence of time spent on making these places comfortable and inviting for customers. According to the South Park Scene website, some of the most prestigious restaurants and eateries include Brabant Bar & Café, Buona Forchetta, Fire House Asian Bar & Bistro, and South Park Brewing Company.

Strolling along the streets of South Park there are limitless yoga, pilates, meditation, holistic, and fitness centers. Health and fitness seems to be a daily ritual and of great importance for locals just by the array of athletic, wellness, and healing locations.

A few of these spaces include South Park Fitness, Kwan Yin Holistic Center, Ginseng Yoga, and G Fit San Diego.     South Park is a hub for eclectic restaurants and shopping, similarly to other areas near by. However, the neighborhood’s community spirit, historical significance, and presence of small business sets it apart from other San Diego locations. USD students looking to explore a neighborhood that has a scattering of appealing characteristics may find South Park to be a hit.