Student blogger Kailani Andrade on style in life and in fashion

By Angelique Bash

There are approximately 7,017,846,922 people in the world who use the Internet, 348,280,154 in North America alone ( This large number can be quite intimidating to people who would like to make a name for themselves in the world of online blogging. How can one possibly stand out when there are so many others trying to do the exact same thing? Senior Kailani Andrade seems to have figured it out.

Andrade is the founder of her own blog, Kailani’s Korner, which she started four years ago. The blog is comprised of things that she is passionate about.

“My blog is a fashion lifestyle blog,” Andrade said. “It focuses not only on fashion but food fitness, home decor, DIY projects and entertainment tips.”

“I curate my posts based off of things in my life that inspire me at that moment,” she continues. “One moment it could be stellar wedges and another it could be how to host a Sunday brunch. I post about things that are relevant in my life and things that are attainable to others.”

As if it were not challenging and time-consuming enough to write about and stay current with the trends in the ever-changing fashion industry, Andrade is also an avid photographer and has her own photography business, called “Kapture by Kailani.” Many of her photos can be seen on her blog.

The impact and success of Kailani’s Korner was noticed early on in her blogging career, and in a big way.

“I started blogging in December of 2009, and shortly after I started I was asked to be a part of AOL’s Stylists’ select blogging network,” Andrade said. “But I would have to say that my ‘big break’ was when I was featured on a billboard for Forever 21 in Times Square. It was such a surreal moment.”

The popularity of Kailani’s Korner has also led to Andrade being able to work with companies like Marc Jacobs, ShoeMint and Forever 21, as well as being invited to the coveted “New York Fashion Week” last September.

Fashion Week “was such a thrilling and exciting experience,” Andrade said. “I had never been to New York before so to visit NY during Fashion week was amazing.”

Just like any senior about to graduate, Andrade is not sure what the future has in store for her. However, she does know that whatever her career ends up being, Kailani’s Korner will remain a part of her life.

“I love blogging and all the amazing opportunities it has brought me,” Andrade said. “It has become my life but I really want to experience the job industry before I commit to becoming a full time blogger. Kailani’s Korner will still be apart of my life even when I have a full-time job after graduation.”

Andrade shares some important pieces of advice for any of her fellow Toreros who may be considering becoming a blogger, one being the importance of deveoping tough skin.

“I would do interviews and campaigns for companies and the nasty comments I would take extremely personally,” she says. “But for every rude review there was a sweet one to compensate. Not everything I do will resonate with everyone but I never compromise the quality of my work.”

“My biggest piece of advice is to stay true to yourself and don’t compare yourself to others,” Andrade said. “Post about things that inspire you.”