Students advised to stay safe and aware with P-Safe

Sarah Brewington | News Editor

The black and white police car, with sirens blaring, can be a daunting sight to all who witness the justice system laying down the law. Public Safety (P-Safe) is the official campus law enforcement at the University of San Diego. P-Safe officials try to communicate to students that they are a resource and much more than just the campus’ security.

The Chief of the Department of Public Safety (DPS) at USD is Larry Barnett. Barnett explained that the purpose of DPS extends beyond citing students for liquor violations.

“Public Safety is here to help our students, faculty, and staff by providing a wide array of safety services,” Barnett said. “Some of the services offered by Public Safety include educational programs related to crime prevention, sexual assault awareness, and Community on Patrol.”

Barnett mentioned Community on Patrol, known to some as COP, is the idea that all USD community members take responsibility for keeping the campus safe, by being aware and

reporting anything suspicious.

In addition to self-defense classes and dealing with theft, P-Safe is equipped to assist in other matters.  

“Public Safety is also available to assist stranded motorists with things such as jumpstarting a dead battery,” Barnett said.  “As one of the few 24/7 operations on the campus, DPS also assists our community after hours by connecting students with other important campus resources.”

Junior Ruth Hoover agrees that P-safe has many virtues, but there is one above the rest.

“I think the most important thing students should know is that P-Safe will escort you back to your dorm/car if you ever feel unsafe walking alone,” Hoover said.

Junior Jiennie Kim, finds that P-Safe has done an exceptional job of keeping USD safe. However, she has a few suggestions that would make campus safer.

“I think that at night there should be more security patrols on foot and car,” Kim said.

Kim finds that she is safe at USD. However, she emphasizes that students should not let their guards down.

“Even though our university seems isolated and safe, you can never be too safe,” Kim said.

Barnett reiterates that while P-Safe keeps students safe, students can take the initiative to ensure their own protection.

“DPS encourages all students to be alert and aware of their surroundings at all times, and when on-campus, report all suspicious activity to DPS immediately,” Barnett said. “One of the most important things that students can do to stay safe at USD is to familiarize themselves with the various campus emergency procedures.”

P-Safe encourages students to display safe behavior and call them at 619-260-2222 when dealing with emergencies. P-Safe is a valuable safety resource on and off campus. Many students agree, that they must be doing their job well, because they feel safe on campus.