Students review best on-campus jobs

USD accommodates students with a diverse range of beneficial options


One of the most common struggles faced by the majority of college students in America, comes down to one significant factor: money. College students are notorious for being broke, living off Ramen noodles, and paying off loans until their children are in college.
In today’s economy, funding does not come easily for many college students. Tuition alone is stressful enough, and here at the University of San Diego it is no secret that an education does not come cheap.
The question is, how can students balance academics, social life, and extracurricular activities while maintaining financial stability? Solution: on-campus jobs.
Of course, not all on-campus jobs are suitable for just any student; each one has its advantages and disadvantages. Whether you are looking for a place to get homework done while still getting paid, or a job that looks good on a resumé, USD has a myriad of options for all students in all disciplines.
Obviously one of the main concerns that comes with holding a job while taking a full load of college classes would be the time management between academics and work. Sophomore Hayley Brudish works as an operations assistant for Campus Recreation and feels that with her position she is able to balance schoolwork while still making a steady income.
“As a new employee you are only required to work some of the easier positions, which allows for substantial time to get academic work done during shifts”, Brudish said.
But this easy “homework phase” does not last forever. “As time goes on, the longer you’ve been there, the more work you are required to put in,” Brudish said.
Overall, Brudish is happy with her position at Campus Recreation. She believes that the relaxed environment is important for an on-campus job. The last thing a college student needs is another form of stress to add to their already overflowing schedule, and this is an on-campus job that understands that.
For those students who are more people-oriented and communicate effectively, another option is the on-campus Alumni Telefunding Program. This job offers students firsthand experience in connecting with and soliciting funds from former USD students across the country. The program is set up so that current students at the university call alumni in order to increase funding for any of the university’s endeavors, whether it be money for scholarships, research, or construction.
Sophomore Haeley Hutchison is a new employee at the telefunding site, and after just a few shifts she feels right at home.
“All of the co-workers are friendly and as a staff we are encouraged to develop relationships while working together,” Hutchison said.
Although telefunding does not sound like the most appealing field of work, it is a surprisingly good fit for college students. Not only do the shifts take place during manageable hours, but there are also continuous incentives and bonuses offered when donations are collected.
“The accomplishment you feel from receiving a pledge from an alumni member is one of the most rewarding parts,” Hutchison said.
“After getting turned down multiple times from prospective donors, it is really exciting to finally get a donation and know you are helping your university in the process.”
In addition to the immediate gratitude, there are also bonuses offered under certain conditions of donations that are achieved. USD’s telefunding program not only offers camaraderie among co-workers, but also gives students the chance to gain bonuses, in addition to their extra pay for a job well done.
If students are looking for an addition to their resumé that will impress future employers, one possible opportunity would be the athletic department.  Sophomore MK Brokans works as a marketing assistant within the athletic department staff and loves her line of work.
As the marketing assistant, she is in charge of supervising the pregame and halftime events at sporting events, as well as running music and overseeing video board slides. Jobs in this department appeal to die-hard Torero sports fans, or to students just looking for a nice addition to their resumés.
“For the work I’m a part of the pay is about right for me,” Brokans said. This type of position is also a nice way for Brokans to stay updated on all things Torero sports, a benefit in her eyes.
However, one concern that most students have about an on-campus job is the difficulty of obtaining the job itself. Many feel that obtaining a campus job can be more difficult if you do not receive work-study from your financial aid package. Work-study students are given first priority for jobs. As far as payment, work-study students can make anywhere from $9.00-$13.25 depending on their pay level.
Some methods of procuring the campus job that’s right for you include: asking friends or classmates about their jobs and any openings they are aware of, bulletin boards and advertising around campus, and also just doing some research for opportunities on USD’s website. These are just a few ways to get started and begin making moves in the right direction towards campus employment.
On-campus jobs are the ideal setting for students to keep a healthy balance between academics and a steady income. Not only does the university understand that we have stressful schedules, but USD also accommodates its students with rewarding jobs that can be used to impress future employers.
So the next time you are worried about saving money for the future, put down the Ramen noodles and search for the campus job that is right for you.