Summer Break Series: New Music w/ Emarosa

Check out Emarosa on 10/30 at Soma...

Summer quickly came to a close, but there is still plenty of wonderful music to explore. On June 29th Kentucky natives, Emarosa, released their self-titled follow-up to their 2008 full album debut, Relativity. Since their first release, they have made great strides in progressing their music. Here, they take their post-hardcore roots and mix it with a more alternative sound to create a nice blend of powerful instrumentals and solid clean lyrics. On this album, Emarosa avoid the potential “sophomore slump” and are at their best both musically and lyrically, creating something that will surely capture your mind.

Each member’s talent shines through on this album. The guitar riffs are surprisingly complex and lively and the drumming grips you. They each have their moments that amaze you. Both draw you into the music, but they never overpower each other. The perfect example of this is, “Share the Sunshine Young Blood,” where the intro riff quickly catches your attention, while twenty-five seconds in, the drumming blows you away. The drumming particularly grabs a hold of you on the intro track, “A Toast to the Future Kids!” This track sets the mood of the whole album and displays the incredible talent of drummer, Lukas Koszewski. Each track smoothly transitions from one to another, giving the feeling that the album is composed of one epic song.

What really stands out on the album is vocalist’s, Jonny Craig, amazing singing. Craig has been slowly building up his reputation in the scene; starting with his previous stints as vocalist for the bands Ghost Runner on Third and Dance Gavin Dance, not to mention his successful solo work. He is able to transition from subtle, soulful lows to high pitch wails that bring a dramatic feeling to each song and pack a real emotional punch. On the track, “Broken vs The Way We Were Born,” the grittiness in the chorus fits magnificently with the both the drumming and guitar lines. The lyrics don’t fall short of the voice either. It is a lyrically stunning album. Each lyric has a special meaning that’s built on lessons from Craig’s past.

This album is so stunning that you just wish it were a little longer; it leaves you craving for more each play through. The minute you hit play you instantly are drawn into the rhythmic pounding of the percussion and soulful singing. If you listen to other acts such as Dance Gavin Dance, Chiodos, Pierce the Veil, or Broadway be sure to give Emarosa’s new album a spin.