Summer Break Series: Warped with The Early Strike

Between scheduled interviews, I was presented with the opportunity to interview currently unsigned band The Early Strike. With their high-energy pop-punk sound, they are showing great promise as up-and-comers in today’s punk music scene.

According to lead vocalist Ryan, the band originally started with him and Brit, originally from Texas and Florida, who later moved to Los Angeles and found the other two members, John and Eric. The foursome then began playing local shows around Los Angeles, and last year played some of the California dates on Warped Tour. This year’s Warped Tour was their first one playing dates outside of California, after joining the tour on August 1st. Although they have a very unique sound, Ryan says that being unique has worked in their favor because the crowd will hear something that stands out from the rest of the noise and stick around to check them out. From there, it has been the bands goal to “win the crowd over with the set.”

The Early strike are currently playing shows in support of the album they released in March, titled Ten Outta Ten. In addition to playing some dates on this year’s warped tour, the band will be playing a show at the House of Blues in Anaheim on August 24th, and will then go on to play some tour dates in Brazil, which they are all very excited about. Ten Outta Ten is currently available for download on iTunes, and while the band can be found at, most of their information can be found on the band’s Myspace page.