Summer is gone, oh well

By Sam Rathe


This summer passed by way too fast.

The leisure of not having classes was swept out from under us this past week, and it is something that is going to have to be dealt with very cautiously.

Wait, ha! We live in San Diego where it is summer basically all year round.

Fantastic. Classes can be a walk in one of San Diego’s many parks, or even a beach if you prefer.

Summer was a great time, but the best part about coming back to school is being able to enjoy the various forms of entertainment the San Diego area has to offer.

Being a senior there are still a few things I have yet to do.
Going to a San Diego Chargers game is one such thing I have always wanted to go to despite being a Minnesota Vikings fan. Unfortunately, I have still failed to attend a San Diego Sunday showdown.

I have had a grand ol’ time at a few Padres games, and have heard nothing but good things about Chargers games.

I am going to really try getting tickets this year. I think if I go four years living in San Diego during football season and do not attend a Chargers game, then I am not doing it right.

Actually, what I have done most wrong is not yet going on the roller coaster in Mission Beach.

Not going freshman year, shame on me not having a car; not going sophomore year, shame on me for forgetting; not going junior year, shame on me every day I woke up at the beach and chose not to go on the roller coaster that was walking distance away. I am aghast with myself.

This year will be different. I will make it an absolute certainty in my mind that I will be riding on that roller coaster by the end of this year, hopefully multiple times because it looks like a blast.

So Chargers game and Mission Beach roller coaster.
Sounds like it even can be done in one day, and oh my good golly gosh what a day that would be.

Well those two things are definitely on the to-do list this year.
One more thing I need to accomplish is going cliff jumping.
I do not know where this takes place, nor do I condone doing such potentially dangerous actions, but I have heard of people having a good time jumping off a cliff into the ocean.

It seems like a fun, and of course safe, way to spend an afternoon. The water is cold, but it would be worth the bite.
Well, if I can accomplish all of these, which I will by the end of this year, I think it will be a successful school year.
Summer cannot hang.