Thank you


As per usual, Sunday rolled around and left me wondering what I was going to write my weekly column about. I mentally cycled through a few ideas, including something about how injuries in the playoffs should be illegal, or why my Seattle Mariners will win the World Series this autumn. But when I realized that this particular column would appear in the final USD Vista of the semester, I decided to go a little bit off the beaten path. Shit this is gonna make me sad isn’t it

Rather than using this space to fill your head with my opinions on the actual news of the sports world right now, I have decided to use it as a way to thank all of you who take the time out of your day to read the sports section. Whether you physically grab a copy of the newspaper from one of our high-tech newsstands that are littered around campus, or scroll through the sports tab on the U of SD media website the fact remains that you take time out of your day to read what I have to say. I truly do appreciate that.

It is not exactly a secret that The USD Vista goes unread by most of the student body. I get that. All of us in the Vista office get that. But that’s not why we work for the paper. While I don’t want to speak for my colleagues, I know that I joined The Vista – as it was called during my freshman year – because I wanted a platform that would allow me to continue writing.

So to those of you who have ever read the words that I spew out onto these back pages: thank you. For real. It’s really cool when your hard work gets acknowledged by other people. I know that we live in San Diego, a city famous for its sunshine, beaches, and endless amounts of craft beer. But if you took an hour out of your week to flip through the pages of The USD Vista, I can almost guarantee that you would find at least one article or column that speaks to you. If you don’t? That’s fine. I remember hearing someone describe journalism like this: one-third of people will like your stuff, one-third of people will dislike it, and the other one-third won’t pay any attention to it at all. To the 33 percent of you who have enjoyed reading my stories this year, y’all are dope. To the people who have disliked it, y’all are dope too, because at least you read it.