Album Review: The Avett Brothers Mellow Return

The Avett Brothers,

The Avett Brothers,

Every so often, a band comes along that seems to pour its heart and soul into every track. The Avett Brothers seem to be one of those bands.

From the first pained piano chords of the title track off of The Avett Brothers newly released EP I and Love and You, the listener is placed into a state of sorrow. By the time the soothing caress of the cello enters, the listener is swept away, placed into a state of of sorrow and hope simultaneously.

The North Carolina group seems to show a softer side on this album, and this is saying something. Prior to I and Love and You, The Avett Brothers had over fourteen songs with the name “pretty girl” in the title. While at times the songs might sound slightly sappy, it is crucial that the listener slowly considers the complexity of the songs. From a steady bass to slow banjo strumming, a relaxed guitar, and a quiet drum that seems to tie it all together, there are a lot going on in these tracks.

Beyond the actual tune, quite possibly the most unique facet of The Avett Brothers are their lyrics. This album seems to intensify their lyrics while slowly down their tempos. The track “Laundry Room” describes love in quite a unique way stating, “I woke with a head full of songs/I spent the whole day/I wrote ‘em down but its a shame/Tonight i’ll burn the lyrics, ‘cause every chorus was your name.” This expressive way of stating a deep infatuation shows the unique creativity of Seth Avett.

Critics of this album might say that The Avett Brothers are leaving their unique style behind for a more mainstream sound, I beg to argue the exact opposite. While perhaps some of the tunes might at time sound generic, the beautiful tangents of guitar picking and banjo lines will comfort any fan of the classic Avett Brothers sound.

The Avett Brothers begin an extensive tour of the East Coast and the Midwest starting October 29, 2009. Be sure to look out for The Avett Brothers to head out to the West Coast this spring. More information can be found at .