The Flaming Lips’ Darker Side Revealed

The Flaming Lips, 2009,

The Flaming Lips, 2009,

At first listen, the Flaming Lips new album Embryonic might seem quite strange, and it is, do not get me wrong. But strange is what they aim for, and that is what makes The Flaming Lips so unique.

For over twenty years, Oklahoma City’s own, the Flaming Lips have opened up people’s minds to the idea that there is a great range that can come out of the psychedelia genre. This album is no different. While the peaceful sound of Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots is certainly something of the past, Embryonic is sure to please any fan of the “fLips.”

From the opening notes of “Convinced of the Hex,” the first track on the album, one might become concerned that the sound change is too drastic. Once the synthesizer enters, however, fears are over and the listener is placed into a slow trance. The heavier beat throughout this album seems to add a dark, dense almost Pink Floyd-like tone to the tracks on this album.

What has not changed in Embryonic are lead vocalist Wayne Coyne’s avant-garde lyrics. The real spice behind the Flaming Lips are the words, often overlooked by the spaced-out tunes of their songs. One might find the lyrics are scattered, non sensical, and nevertheless awesome.

One must dig a little deeper to make sense of Coyne’s unique style, which ultimately makes them that much more enjoyable to listen to. A highlight of the album is the song “Sagittarius Silver Announcement,” which beckons the listener, “We can be like they are/We can be free/Free to be evil/Free to believe/Free to be slaves now/To this silver machine.” In other words, do what you want to do, its your life after all.

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